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British Columbia has a sole company that deals with insurance in the province -ICBC. They are a government owned company. They defiantly have the monopoly when it comes to vehicle insurance. Due to this there is no competition s prices are high. (Be prepared)

If you are coming from New South Wales you will more than likely not find much difference in the price as once you add your ego, green slip and insurance prices together it will be about the same. (We compared the costs with my brothers vehicle on a similar model, engine and year vehicle). But on the flip side if you are coming from Sunny West Australia you are going to notice a huge difference.


You can soften the blow by doing some pretty simple things..

  • Get an insurance letter from home. For every year you were insured and claim free you are applicable to a 5% discount here in Canada, this is capped at maybe 30%

  • Do research on the area you will be living in. Prices can dramatically change depending on the area in which you live.

  • You can do monthly payments. While this isn't actually any cheaper, in fact its a tiny bit more expensive, you can at least pay off in monthly instalments instead of all at once.

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