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Summer is just around the corner

I flew in from a three week stint at work to be greeted with green/brown grass. No snow. Still experiencing some gloomy skies but it lifted the spirits. Summer is on its way.

I may have mentioned this a few times before but one of the many things I love about Canada is the seasons. Just as you have frozen your arse off and ready for some sunshine, summer comes! Just when the sweat and long hot summer days start to bother you, the cold snap comes and its indoor weather. The seasons changing allow you to look forward to the next and the activities that come with it.

With summer around the corner its time to start preparing. Just like every other season in Canada, summer brings it list too ...

- Winter tires need to be changed and summer tires are back

- Snowboards and skies are getting waxed ready for the next season

- De-winterisation on the boat to be completed

- Heater dial to be turned down.

- Summer clothes unpacked

- Swimsuit shopping has began

We live just 28km from Sun Peaks. Heffley Creek is located at the turn to continue the drive up the mountain. Just two days ago I received a snow alert that 20cm of fresh snow had dropped at Sun Peaks. At the moment we are experiencing the best of both worlds. No snow on our grounds to deal with, but plenty of snow at the resort for fun times!

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