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This is a question that is asked often. But its such an open ended question that requires a very personalized answer.

If you are looking for big dollars, rostered work and like getting your hands dirty, try the oils sands in Fort McMurray. If having culture, pubs, weekend markets and public transport at your fingers tips is more your thing. Think Vancouver or Toronto. Want to be a cowboy for the summer? Head to Calgary. Are the mountains calling? Try anywhere in BC.

Trying to avoid Aussies? - Good Luck! We are everywhere!

Go where your feet take you. Every city, town and suburb in Canada has something great to greet you with. The best bit of advice I can give is do you research. See what the city / town offers and how that will work with your lifestyle and personality. 

Happy hunting!

Where to live in a list

Narcity ( recently released a list of the best and worse places to find work based the jobless rate and employment growth.


10 : Halifax, Nova Scotia

9 : Edmonton, Alberta

8 : Saskatoon, Sasktchewan

7 : Quebec City, Quebec

6 : Toronto, Ontario

5: Kelowna, BC

4 : Vancouver, BC

3 : Oshawa, Ontario

2 : Abbortsford, BC

1 : Moncton, New Brunswick


5 : Sudbury, Ontario

4 : Barrie, Ontario

3 : Brantford, Ontario

2 : St Johns, Newfoundland

1 : Saint John, New Brunswick

IMMIgroup put together a list of the top 10 Canadian cities for immigrants to settle in. See the full list here.

It is insanely comprehensive!

10 : Vancouver, BC

9 : Markham, ON

8 : Saanich, BC

7 : West Vancouver, BC

6 : Oakville, ON

5 : Toronto, ON

4 : Richmond Hill, ON

3 : Calgary, AB

2 : Vaughan, ON

1 : Burlington, ON 


Canada is full of ski towns. Winter wonderlands just waiting to be explored. If living close to the ski hills or wanting to work on the hills is what you are after, these are the resorts you should be looking into

BC | Mount Washington, Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, Whistler, Sun Peaks, Big White, Silver Star, Apex, Fernie, KickingHorse, Kimberly, Panorama, Red Mountain, Whitewater 

ALBERTA | Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay, Marmot Basin, Canada Olympic Park, Castle Mountain, Nakiska

ONTARIO | Blue Mountain, Mount St Louis, Moonstone, Horseshoe Valley

QUEBEC | Mont Tremblant, Mont Avila, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Val Saint-Come, Bromont, Orford, Owls Head, Sutton, Le Massif, Mont-Saint-Anne, Stoneham

THE MARITIMES | Crabbe, Wentworth, Martock, Marble Mountain

Of course there are may more then listed above, its just the tip of the iceberg!


If working in the hospitality industry or living right near some of Canadas biggest tourist attractions is what you are after. Look into living close by some of these attractions

1. Niagara Falls

2. Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

3. Toronto's CN Tower

4. Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec)

5. Whistler

6. Ottawa's Parliament Hill

7. St. John's Signal Hill National Historic Site

8. Old Montreal

9. Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

10. Bay of Fundy

11. Victoria's Inner Harbour

12. Gros Morne National Park

13. Vancouver's Stanley Park

14. Calgary Stampede

15. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

You will notice a lot of these are also featured in the ski towns, for me it was a suprise to find out that some of these world known ski resorts are actually more popular in the summer months! Canada is known world wide for its impressive summers and if you were to look into one of the ski towns that offer summer activities you could be lucky enough to score year round employment. 


Another great North American tradition. Summer Camps!​

This was something that I always wanted to experience growing up, When I was 21 I came to Canada on my first work permit and worked in a Summer Camp for the short two months of Summer. 

Not wanting to be bunked up with the kids 24/7 I elected to work in the office as my background in work was administration. I was quite the experience.

There are plenty of programs out there to help you from Australia if it is all a little unknown for you. But if you are the adventurer or you are already in Canada I would suggest getting in contact with the camps directly and applying via websites as the companies that organize the employment will more than likely take a cut of your hourly wage so you will make much more an hour if you were employed directly through the company themselves.



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