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Winter driving is a whole new form of appreciation that us lucky humans in Australia don't ever have to deal with. To me the scariest thing about moving to Canada is driving on winter roads. Two winters on and I still feel anxious when driving in harsh winter conditions.


Almost any winter trip taken on any road in Canada needs to be prepalnned due to road closures from highway accidents, mudslides, avalanches, black ice, freezing rain and whatever else winter will throw your way.


- Almost 30% of car accidents happen on snowy or icy roads

These are my winter tips that I have collected during my time in Canada.

  • Leave a good distance between you and the car in front. This will allow for any sliding that may occur from ice on the roads.

  • When coming up to any intersection make sure you slow down long before coming to the intersection. Again any ice on the road could cause you to slide but this time possibly into oncoming traffic. (Logging and highway trucks are a large industry in Canada)

  • Be very patient on the roads. Accidents are frequent. Just thank your lucky stars it's not you.

  • Studded tires are your best friend. Unless you live in southern Ontario were you will incur a fine 

  • Drive to the conditions. Weather changes can be drastic and quick.




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