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70 Mile House & Poutine

Do yourself a favour and if you are ever travelling on highway 97 around 70 Mile House make sure you stop in to THE SUGAR SHACK. This place is legendary in the area and it is known for the best poutine that you can get in country BC.

Poutine is a national dish in Canada (think of it as what the laminations are to Australians) it is made with French fries, gravy and cheese curds. Originally coming from Quebec its now a staple on any menu across Canada.

I stop at the sugar shack any chance I can get. My favourite time to stop is in the middle of winter. You are greeted not only by home made fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, but also the warmth of the fire place. A great place to sit by the window and stare outside at the falling snow flakes.

mmmmm look at that stringy cheese just melting away.

Travellers note, it is cash or credit only, no debit.

The sugar shack also prides itself on their coffee, so if you are into Canadian coffee, grab some to go for your road trip. Its also a great place to stock on on Canadian goodies with a counter full of Canadian treats (mainly maple flavoured).

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