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Smoothie bowls & Canmore

There is something that I just love about Canmore and I really dont know what it is exactly. Its at the base of the Rocky Mountains, but not technically inside of The National Park. Its surrounded by mountains, wildlife and tourists, but somehow seems so welcoming (I guess its the mountains and wildlife).

Highway 1 goes straight through this town, so its always my stop of choice to get fuel, stretch our legs, get lunch or stay the night on a long journey.

This time it was a lunch stop. Heading home from Calgary and Ben needed a pit stop / snooze in the car because he hit the booze a little too hard the night before. We found a nice shaded car park Ben grabbed his subway and napped in the car and I went exploring!

Theres a little area of the town that has a couple of food trucks - including an old decked out bus that sells ice-cream! Go check out Greenhut Whole Foods and Eatery. I got a smoothie bowl, lets just say it was so good that it started my smoothie bowl obsession for the remainder of my days off.

They also had plenty of other amazing looking food on the menu. Yes I checked out every takeaway container that came out of that truck. Also not only are you refuelling your body on some wholesome food they appear to be environmentally conscious. All packaging was biodegradable (including the wood spoon provided to eat the bowl!). A hipsters true paradise!

Hot sunny days + frozen fruit slush = Happy Regan

We have yet to fully explore Canmore, but I know sometime in the future it will be on the cards. There is so much to see and do you really need a week in this area alone. Throw into the mix that you have Banff, Lake Louise, Glacier Parkway, Bow Vally Parkway and everything else in between and you would need a good year to fully explore this area!

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