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Johnston Canyon, AB // SUMMER HIKE

Just off Highway one is the Bow Valley Park Way. Its a road that runs along side the main highway, its full of treasures to explore. One of them being Johnston Canyon.

I first went to this place at Christmas time and its insane how much it changes season to season. This time it was a place for us to stop and stretch our legs on our trip to Calgary. About 5 kms return to see both the upper and lower falls its a great way to break up a long journey.

You follow the canyon along the waters edge, some parts are a trail, others are a man made boardwalk type structure that allows you to get around with ease.

Such a stunning walk. When Mother Nature was handing out beautiful she sure went to town on Canada. Crystal clear blue water. The rugged terrain of the canyon. It is a truly mesmerizing walk.

If the sites you have see so far are not great enough to make you want to do the hike, at the very end you are greeted with waterfalls.

You have the lower and the upper falls to look forward to. The lower you get to walk into this cave like area where only about 5 or 6 people can view at once. Its really neat how they haven't expanded the area. If makes it more unique in the way that only a few at a time can view making it seem like you are away from all the hustle and bustle of the people around you.

The higher falls you can view from the top or the bottom of the falls. Its not a gushing water fall, but as you can see still stunning beautiful.

The walk to and from the waterfalls there are plenty of squirrels around that kept us very entertained. There little guys are just gorgeous and move fast! If your still and they have a big yummy nut to eat, they will stand still long enough for you to take a photo. (Please don't actually feed them, there is plenty of food around for them to enjoy)

After the hike we rewarded ourselves with a coffee from the cute little coffee / gift shop onsite. Then it was back in the car to finish the journey.

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