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A day at Scout Island // Williams Lake BC

Williams Lake has a little nature area called Scout Island, found right by the lake. We were half way through fall and winter was coming. The colours are just beyond amazing at this time of year.

The area is full of little paths intertwining through each other, you can go half an hour not seeing someone. As you can see from the photos below the paths are well maintained and easy for any age.

If you are looking for somewhere in the Williams Lake area for your four legged friend to stretch his legs, your in luck. Dogs are allowed. Please bring along a doggy bag for their business and if memory recalls correctly there are some bags available at the start of the trails.

The volunteers do a great job keeping this area top notch and we spent many summer days at this location (boat ramp is found in the same area). The toilets are clean, the grass is green and plenty of picnic tables available.

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