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Canmore & the Snow Bunnies

Christmas va-cay has officially started. This year we will be celebrating in Canmore with a bunch of Aussies. We hit the road from Kamloops around 8.30am. For anyone that knows how much Ben likes to sleep will also know what good timing this is! Multiple Timmy (Tim Hortons) stops later we arrived in Canmore.

Best part of finishing a 600km road trip? - Being met by literal Snow Bunnies! These cuties are clearly very domesticated and people have definitely been feeding them. If Ben hadn't put the idea in my head that they might have rabies id still be outside petting them.

Of course seeing these little guys led to a google search to see why so many!

This was the first article I found in googled and it also satisfied by curiosity ....

Dinner this evening was at 'The Rose Canmore' I give this place a 10 outta 10. The menu was massive and the meal was great. I had the special of the night which was The Steak Sandwich and at only $8 I don't think you could have found a better meal for both the price / quantity / quality that I received. I will return.

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