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Fast Food // Burger King - The roadhouse

Did you know that Burger King and Hungry Jacks are from the same burger family? Actually they are more then just from the same family, they are the exact same thing except the the rest of the world the burger chain is called Burger King, and in Australia its called Hungry Jacks.

Burger King could not use the name in Australia due to something to do with a local shop having a similar name, so they rebranded just for our country.

I was never a huge hungry jacks fan in Australia I was more of a Maccas kinda girl but they have just release some heart attack inducing burgers that I just had to try.... Introducing the roadhouse burgers, I’m sure that these beauties must be available in Australia if they are go grab one (or two) and sink your teeth into the juicy burger.

Yes I ate both of the below.

I’m sure that they were about 2000 calories between the two but holy moley that were delicious!

If greasy, cheesy food with no nutritional value is not your thing, then don’t go anywhere near these, or really any ride side fast food joint, but if your on the other side of the spectrum you are in for a treat!

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