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Fast Food // McDonalds Aussie Burger

McDonalds Canada released one of their special edition burgers in Canada for the summer - The Aussie.

Being an Aussie living in Canada of course I had to see what another countries take on what they perceive to be an Australian burger. At home I always wondered if the theme burgers McDonalds release are actually a true representation of what the country eats. Spoiler alert - They arn't.

Receving multiple messages and pictures from friends alerting me that an Aussie Burger was released, of course I had to try it out! My first thought when seeing the pictures of the burger was what are these weird beetroot chips that are on the burger. What are they and who the hell would eat them?! Still very curious I had to go try it out for myself.

We were on the road to Calgary so what better food to consume on a road trip then Maccas! We pulled into the Mcdonalds at Revelstoke for lunch one sunny afternoon and I finally got to try out the Aussie Burger.

Im not going to be too critical because, well, its McDonalds.

Picture on the left is the happy snap I took of the burger I received.

Picture on the right is the McDonalds advertisement.

Upon inspection you can see that they did enough research to put an egg on it. Those beetroot chip things are still freaking me out a little. I did try one by itself and it tasted nice, but still very confused as to why one would put chips on the burger.

It did have some delicious sauce on it. Kind of like chipotle, so not very Australian, but at least tasty.

Ok I'm going to be honest, not the worst burger Ive ever had. Would I have it again? Probably not, when going to mcdoanlds I'm more of just a meat and cheese kinda girl.

If they had replaced the beetroot chips with real beetroot, they would have had the burger spot on! Maybe next time ...

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