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Fast Food // Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

I remember the saddest thing (for me) when leaving Toronto was leaving behind Popeyes Chicken. While its a massive chain found all over North America, sadly BC was not one of its locations. We only had it once but I remember the happiness my stomach felt while munching down on the chicken.

A trip to Calgary and lone and behold, we went past a Popeyes!

Yes we took home a bucket of chicken.

What makes this chicken better than KFC? - Its just as greasy, Its not a healthy alternative. To be honest it really does taste just like KFC expect of course they don't have the 11 secret herbs and spices. They instead have cajan goodness which creates the taste of down south... Fitting I guess soon as they started Louisianna.

Best way to eat is tear some chicken off and use it as a dipping tool to scope that potato and gravy up! Yum O!

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