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Hello Canada #AussiesInCanada

Hello Canada! We have arrived. All the planning, saving and stress came down to this moment.

We touched down the early hours of February 16, 2016 into Vancouver International Airport. Unsure of what to expect the fear of what we had just done hadn't set in.

Our experience with immigrationn was smooth and successful. Landing on a red eye flight from New York immigration lines were short. All up from getting off the plane, receiving documents, picking up bags and leaving the terminal we were probably a total of an hour.

We had a weeks accommodation booked in Vancouver to sort our lives out and then Canada was our oyster!

By the time we arrived in Vanoucver to say we were over doing touristy things is an understatement. We did manage to do all the "grown up" stuff that we needed to do for our time in Canada.

  • Got SIN's

  • Opened a bank account

  • Bought a car

  • Purchased our snow gear

  • Converted our licences

We had accommodation booked in Vancouver for around a week while we figured out what next. After this the holiday was over and we were back to reality. Now that we had our visa in hand we could at least start looking for work.

We both knew that we didn't want to be based in Vancouver, so after our weeks accommodation was up and we had all our "grown up" stuff sorted we were out of there and onto Kamloops to see what would happen next ...

Stay tuned.

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