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Johnson Lake, BC

We had some friends that grew up in the area take us on a little adventure to Johnson Lake. 5 adults and 1 chocolate lab all piled into one truck along with three kayaks, 1 tin boat, an esky and a bag full of towels.

The lake is situated roughly 2 hours from the city centre. When we arrived my first impression was WOW! The second was that the water is so crystal clear you could be mistaken to thinking you are in the Caribbean. This place is A-MAZ-ING!

A true hidden gem in the backroads of Kamloops.

Very popular with the locals so don't expect to have this lake to yourself but it is big enough to share with everyone going off in their own direction.

The directions to these crystal clear waters are fairly easy. If you want to use google maps just type in Johnson Lake Resort (you use the same access road) if not its three very easy steps.

  • 60 km north of Kamloops on Highway 5 to Agate Bay Road turnoff (turn right)

  • 22 km on the paved road to Minova Road turnoff (turn left)

  • 16 km on the gravel road to the resort (follow the signs)

Be aware the dirt roads are not great to drive on, take it slow, there are a lot of potholes.

To get here is roughy a 2 hour drive from Kamloops, be sure to pack some snacks and lunch as there is no where to stop. The camp grounds have fire pits and plenty of picnic tables that you can use, just make sure your fire is fully extinguished before departing.

Dogs are allowed, but make sure they are an avid swimmer as there is very little shoreline for them to run along. Scout the Chocolate lab came along on our adventure which made for some adorable pictures. This little guy loves swimming and was in the water for a good solid hour paddling along with us.

A little worried that he was going to get exhausted soon I enticed him into the kayak with a stick that he thought was a great chew toy. We need to still teach him a few kayaking skills, but he seemed to have it down packed and stayed long enough for me to paddle him to shore.

Surrounded by mountains and tree lines that come right up to the shores ledge, this is an off the beaten track travellers must see!

Be respectful, this place is pristine and should be kept that way. No large motorized boats should be in the water (The recommended engine power restriction is 7.5 kw (10 HP) for fishing purposes only) and make sure all rubbish is taken.

Respect the area and only use already created pathways and campgrounds. If there are no more camp grounds left or even car parks it has been asked that you turn around and try again another day. One of the biggest impacts to this beautiful lake is too many visiting at one time and putting stress on the environment around the lake.

If you are after a fun day in the sun or just wanting a place to come relax and take in the sites. This is it.

One thing for certain, we will be back!

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