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Kamloops Wildlife Park

Making the top 10, the BC Wildlife Park comes in at #4 of things to do in Kamloops on Trip Advisor. Worth a visit if you are wanting to see Canadian wildlife. Only a 10 minute drive from town and it had a bus stop right at the entrance so public transport should be easily enough if you have no wheels.


Adults $15.95 Seniors (65+) $13.95 Children (3 -17) $11.95 Children (2 & under) FREE

And as with everything in Canada, Taxes not included.

We visited on a weekday at the start of spring.

PRO | Very few people were in the park. Maybe 6 others.

CON | Because it was so early there was no feedings and some animals weren't out from their winter hibernation.

For me not only was it a great way to stretch my legs and get some much needed sun after winter. It was an item that I have been meaning to see ever since we very first came to Kamloops two years ago!

Favourite animal of the day: Bloom the badger

Favourite experience: Its a toss up between watching them feed Bob (Robert) the three legged bobcat or watching the grizzly takes his dip in the pool while chewing on some bark.


While at the park it dawned on me that you can see the evolution of the Cat in Canada through its wild animals...

Cougar : A large wild cat. Weighing between 30 - 100 kg with a height of 60-100cm. If seeing a cougar in the wild you would think that you have changed continents and somehow ended up on safari in Africa. To me they look very similar to a lion.

Linx : There guys are slightly smaller and starting to look more like your domestic cat. Weighing at about the 15kg mark. Very similar to the bobcat.

Bobcat : To be honest, if it weren't for the facial hair, if I saw a bobcat in the wild I really would think it was a domesticated cat. Weighing about 8kg, these guys aren't too much bigger then you average family cat.

Cougars are my most feared animal in Canada coming in close second is the grizzly. Today I got to see both of them in close quarters (through a fence). Through a fence and in an enclosure these animals seemed cute and cuddly.


Im not a huge fan of zoo's in Canada, I visited the Toronto Zoo in early stages of us being here and I was not impressed in the way some animals were kept. While the wildlife park while has small enclosures all the animals seem happy and not in any kind of stress. Most of the animals in the park are there because

Would I go again? Yes. I would love to see this place alive in the middle of summer.

Buffalo taking it easy, eating some grass

Bath Time!

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