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Lift Passes // BEST DEALS

Lift passes can work out expensive if you are not careful.

Season Pass

If you are living near a ski slope and its going to be your winter hobby then you should look into purchasing a season pass. By the far the best value of any ticket. Even better is buying them way before the season kicks off. We got ours on the fall special and saved around $300 per person. There was also a summer special which was even more money off, but at the time we didn't know that we were going to be living near by so we didn't purchase. The downside to purchasing season passes, especially so early in the year, is there is no gaureentee on the snow fall or the quality of the season that the resort will have and there are no refunds offered if the season doesn't go ahead as planned.

Other benefits of a season pass can include free lessons, discounts at the food and beverage cafes/resturants and the best one is the receripcol program between slopes. You can get massive discounts on other park passes.

With our season pass we get a massive 50% off day tickets at Whistler!


While they are few and far between, always check out the discount pages like groupon as you never know! I have seen the smaller resorts offer pretty good discounts on these sites.

Direct to Lift

These passes seem very popular in Alberta. ... talk to the sunshine and lake Louise one. ...

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