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Ski Resort // Sunshine, Banff AB

I wasn't until I was writing this that I released the name 'Sunshine' may be due to the large amounts of areas that the sun can hit on this ski slope during the day. When we first arrived one of the things that I noticed was there was very large wide open spaces, which I hadnt seen in a ski hill before. But due the these wide open spaces the sun defiantly lights up the hill and you are able to see much easier due to no dark drab corners.

My personal score of Sunshine - 7/10

What I didn't like... Basically why didn't it score 10/10...

- The large wide open spaces. While it was very handy to see, I think I am much more of a structured ski run kind of person.

- Not enough pubs. I get it, its in a National Park, its hard to expand and add new infrastructure, but a few more pubs would defiantly be handy.

- Not a great park for beginners. The green runs and small and overloaded. Being one of the most poplar resorts in Canada, it is overrun with tourist trying to ski. Basically what I'm saying is if this is your first trip to the snow and you are trying to learn, I wouldn't pick this resort to start on.

What I did like ...

- The gondola ride to the top. You catch a 20 min gondola to the top of the mountain from the base to get you up to the ski resort. Beautiful views (you'd expect nothing less from the rockies)

- The ski run at the end of the day to the bottom of the hill. Although the only way ups on the gondola, at the end of the day you can ski back down to the base of the mountain. Its a nice easy green run that anyone can enjoy.

View from the gondola

The highlight of day 1 was getting to the top of a black run and then looking down and releasing I was wayyy out of my depth and I wasn't quite ready for this run. (Side note: I have done easier black runs previously). Instead of trying to back out of it, I just kicked off my skis, held on to them, jumped on my bum and enjoyed the "slide" down.

Day 2 at sunshine. We already lost one to an injury the day before so 4 was now down to 3.

Today bought more black runs, these ones slightly easier then yesterdays. I was able to go down these AND keep upright. Double win! Visability was pore at different times during the day, but we didn't let this phase us too much. When it got to the times when we couldn't see, we decided that it was lunch time to hopefully ride out the bad weather. This worked.


1. There are parts of the slope that are in BC. While you are sitting on one of the chair lifts, you are met with a posed signed saying "Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia" only to be met with another sign 3 minutes later "Welcome back to Alberta"

2. Roughly 500,000 visitors make the trip to the Sunshine Village on a yearly basis

The photos never do it justice, but the views were insane!

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