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The home of Starbucks > SEATTLE

Bens Aunt and sister were over visiting and we were at work for most of the time they were in Canada so when they were due to fly out we went on a little road trip down to Seattle (Bens second one) to take them to their flight and see them off.

Seattle is apparently known as rain city, and it did not disappoint. While we were only their for one full day and we saw plenty of rain drops, puddles and grey sky's.

Unfortunately we really didn't plan the trip too well and it was thanksgiving while we were there. Thanksgiving seems to be one of most important holidays in America second only to Christmas. So we missed out on a few attractions - which really just gives us an excuse to head back!

Things we did get to do

X Outlet shopping! Who doesn't love a good shopping trip. The dollar wasn't great, but we did manage to score a couple of bargains. More importantly we had our first proper cinabun! Mmmmm YUM-MY

X Big Ferris wheel on the boardwalk. Even though the sky's were glum, the view was still good.

X Starbucks // Seattle is the birthplace of world famous coffee chain Starbucks. While we didn't get to go to the original one as it was part of the Pike Markets which were shut we did manage to escape into one to avoid some rainy weather.

We ended our day at a little pizzeria. We all had Italian dishes except Ben who had a traditional thanksgiving meal of Turkey!

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