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The Hotdog Story

The photos above pretty much tell this story.

We were travelling from Toronto to Williams Lake and we largely unestimated how many clothes we would need. Ben was down to his last pair of shorts and we still had three days left.

We pulled up to a servo to fill up the truck and ours bellies

Ben came out with two hotdogs fully loaded with sauces, but insisted that we didn't need to pull over while he ate.

I reminded him again that it was his last pair of shorts and we weren't going to be buying any so if he spilled any sauce on himself that we weren't going to the shops to purchase any, he would be wearing them for the next three days with sauce stains.

No, no, no. It will be fine he says.

Anyway, so we finish fueling up, jump back into the truck to head off. Ben reaches over to grab his hotdogs and gets a slight look of panic on his face that then erupts in laughter.

He was sitting on the hotdogs.

Still one of our favourite travel stories to date. And if you were wondering yes, I made him wear the shorts for the next three days!

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