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Ugg Boot Season - Officially open

We just had our first light dust of snow overnight here in Kamloops. To me the tiny amount of snow we have had over night marks the official opening of Ugg Boot Season!

While where Ben and I both work it has been snowing for what feels like months in the "desert" town of Kamloops it has just begun. Maybe the town will be lucky enough to have a white Christmas after all.

Ugg boots are literally the BEST winter boots you can buy, my feet are always so toasty warm and feel like they are walking on clouds.

Have I ever told you the story of the Ugg boots? (If I have you can stop reading here) ....

Anyway we had just begun our adventure of a lifetime, finishing up our time in the Sunshine state of California we boarded to our next destination - New York! It was here that we would be stocking up on our winter woolies.

I decided that for my time in Canada I would like a pair of Ugg boots (something I would never splurge on at home due to them being very unnecessary purchase in our mostly warm climate) They are fairly large and would take up a lot of space in our luggage. So I decided i'd just buy them once we arrived in North America - Seemed like a logical decision at the time.

So back to the story, we were in New York stocking up on clothes and after a little bit of googling I found an outlet mall out in New Jersey that had raving reviews online, so there we headed.

An hour bus long adventure later we arrived. We headed straight for the Ugg shop thinking that I could grab a bargain at this outlet mall. We found the store and we were met with a massive roped off line outside the store. While disappointed, I thought, well this HAS to be a sign that there are some bargains to be found inside! So we joined the line. It was at this point that Ben discovered that he forgot his smokes (O no!).

Ok so no big deal, while I was waiting in line Ben was just going to find some smokes and quickly duck outside and then come back at meet me. Its now that I should let you know that this mall is literally in the middle of no where, no other shops, houses or amenities around.

30 minutes later Ben returns (I'm still inline outside of the store) clearly stressed that he cant find any nicotine sticks. He goes off on another round of the mall to see if he can find somewhere that will sell some dam cigarettes. I remain inline outside of the store. This happened at least twice.

About 20 minutes later I finally enter the store!! YAY! I found the exact boots I was after (see photo above) grab my size and to my disappointment there is no sale on regular products. I was literally in the store for 5 minutes to grab what I wanted and get into line to buy. So now at this stage I'm in another line! I am in the next line for about 20 minutes to just buy the boots. I finally buy the boots (in USD) they were no cheaper than home, in fact they were the same price just in USD, so I ended up paying quite a bit more than at home. (O well, we make these mistakes)

I leave the store, Bens outside, finally happy, he found some nicotine. Take two steps, look at the store window next to the Ugg boot store and notice the exact same boots I just bought and the exact same price. So basically I just wasted 2 hours of my life I will never get back waiting in line(s) at the Ugg Boot store for a product I could have bought in 5 minutes at the store next door.

Morale of the story - Buy your Uggs in Australia where demand isn't so high.

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