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Winter is here

The seasons in North America work very differently to the seasons in Australia. While we are used to all seasons kicking off on the first of a month. Here they tend to start around the 20th day of a month. The official winter season of Canada is Dec 21 to March 20. But for us the ski slopes opening dictates when winter starts.

We will be based in Kamloops for the season so naturally we got passes to the second largest ski area in Canada - Sun Peaks! Sun Peaks is easiest one of our favourite happy places in Canada. The vibe is chilled, the slopes are amazing and the park is huge! Best of all it seems to be an unknown gem to tourists and because so many Aussies work there , you can get your hands on a meat pie! - What more could we ask for?!

**Side note - Your hard pressed trying to find ANY ski hill in Canada that isn't overrun by Aussie workers. They all think that lifty training is part of our school curriculum. We flock in droves to get an experience on the hill.

First week into the season and we have already taken to the slopes on multiple occasions.

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